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Join the Barometer team for a chat about our research, the questions we try to answer with observations and how computer models are used to improve our understanding of atmospheric processes. 

In a christmas special we are joined by expert Prof. Geraint Vaughan we look into the truth behind forecasts of SNOWMAGEDDON often forecast for UK winters from certain companies. We discuss meterological phenomenon which drive seasonal weather in the UK and if forecasts over these time-scales are ever achievable... plus a christmas quiz! 

Whether you are a human dealing with rising sea levels in Bangladesh or the Netherlands, or a walrus losing habitat in the Arctic, global warming is happening.  This latest podcast from The Barometer (by University of Manchester researchers) details the current situation, what is being done and what more could be done to limit and perhaps reverse global warming. 

If you want a quick demonstration of the science behind global warming check out this video by Dr Paul Connolly of University of Manchester: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zjlJEQVhhI.  This podcast centres around the most recent evidence for increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, which can be found here: http://www.tyndall.ac.uk/news/record-high-co2-emissions-delay-global-peak.

It is presented by Simon O’Meara, Caroline Dang and Joe Pitt of the School of Earth and Environment and by Clair Gough and John Broderick of the Tyndall Centre.

Hugo and Bogdan talk about the subject of their RMetS North West meeting presentation, the life of Alfred Wegener and his wide range of research contributions. If you're in the Manchester area and are interested in attending a future RMetS North West meeting, visit this website for more information: https://www.rmets.org/about-us/local-centres/north-west-local-centre.

Join Emma, Callum, Trevor and Bogdan for a discussion on the recent hurricanes to make landfall in the US and find out how hurricanes are different from other types of storms, what makes Irma and Harvey special and how good we are currently at forecasting hurricanes.


Emma interviews Bogdan about his research and latest book titled 'Tornadoes and Waterspouts in Europe'. The book can be purchased here

Weather and Sport

The Barometer is back! Join Hugo, Richard, Simon and Emma for discussion on how weather impacts sport and find out, amongst other things, why it takes more than just good driving skills to win a Grand Prix and the surprising way some ski resorts generate snow. 

Join Hugo and Bogdan to find out more about weather balloons. What are they? What do they measure?

Watch a short video of a balloon launch from Capel Dewi (Wales) here

Hugo with a weather balloon.

Since today we are not launching weather balloons for the NAWDEX project, Hugo had some time to test other meteorological instruments installed at Capel Dewi. Today we are briefly introduce the SODAR (SOnic Detection and Ranging).

SODAR at Capel Dewi.

Hugo operating the SODAR at Capel Dewi.

Today's episode focusses on the science behind the NAWDEX project as explained by special guest Prof. Geraint Vaughan from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS).

NAWDEX logo (via http://www.nawdex.ethz.ch/)

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