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What is FAQs?
Frequently Asked Questions 

Who listens to the podcast?
We make these podcasts for anyone who is interested. We are trying to make them so that they are accessible to most people. If we have babbled about something you don't understand then give us an email. 

Why did you start a podcast?
We decided to start the podcast to try to inform and entertain people. We think the atmosphere is fascinating, which is why we spend our days (and for some of us most of our lives) studying it, and we want to convey that enthusiasm to the general public. The great thing about atmospheric science is that it is at the intersection of physics, chemistry, and biology. Everyone is affected by weather, climate and air pollution, and we want to help people understand how they work, how they tick, and hopefully get a laugh or two along the way. A few of us have been big fans of the podcast format and listen regularly to podcasts on film, comedy, economics, football and we thought it would be great to have something similar for climate and weather. 

What is the content?
We cover a broad range of topics in atmospheric science, often with a focus on current research and topical events.

You didn't post anything for a long time. What happened?
Sadly the podcast took a backseat for many of the team along with key people moving onto pastures new. We're back now though and hoping to bring you more wonderful atmospheric science.

What if you get something wrong or I disagree with something you said?
Then don't hesitate to email us at thebarometer@manchester.ac.uk, contact us on Twitter @TheBarometerPod or leave a post in the comments section. If you want to say it the chances are someone else does too.
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