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NAWDEX Field Project Diary - Day 4

NAWDEX Field Project Diary - Day 3

NAWDEX Field Project Diary - Day 2

NAWDEX Field Project Diary - Day 1

This is an ex-Hurricane

A podCAST from the CAST field campaign: How we measured ozone in tropical storms

The weather at the World Cup

Science communication, the IPCC and a goodbye: Day 5 at EGU 2014

Measuring the atmosphere on passenger aircraft: Day 4 at EGU 2014

Educating the Geosciences: Day 3 at EGU 2014

Living in the Anthropocene: Day 2 at EGU 2014

A ClimateSnack for all: Day 1 at EGU 2014

Recent UK Air Pollution

Things that go bump in the night

A Stormy Valentines

After the Science

INUPIAQ: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

GAUGE: From the Model

GAUGE: From Outer Space

GAUGE: From the Air

GAUGE: From the Sea

GAUGE: From the Ground

GAUGE: An Overview

Communicating, Big Data, and a Love of Models: Day 5 at AGU

Science communication, viscosity and London’s greenhouse gases: Day 4 at AGU

Hansen, Nuclear Power and Geologists: Day 3 at AGU

Disappointment, Aerosols, and Methane Burps: Day 2 at AGU

Fires, Beer and Satellites: Day 1 at AGU

ManUniCast - An Introduction

Black carbon, Global Hawk & the IPCC

The History of the IPCC

MAMM September 2013 Wrap Up

MAMM: Close-up look at the wetlands

MAMM Flying: Aircraft love

MAMM Road Trip: Measuring in the Rain

MAMM: Fingerprinting Methane

MAMM Operations: Fly direct with Directflight

MAMM September 2013 Intro

The Barometer podcast at the Manchester Science Festival 2013

Reflections on the August MAMM campaign

MAMM Day 4: Boxes over Sodankylä and the Sky Arrow

MAMM Day 3: Principal Investigators and Long Range Transport

MAMM Day 2: Sitting up front and the Kelvin Helmholtz instability

MAMM Day 1

Putting the Modelling into MAMM

Introduction to MAMM

An Alternative History of Science

Mythbusting - St. Swithun's day

Spinning Around In Tornado Alley 

Mythbusting - Red Sky at Night, Shephard’s Delight

EGU2013 Audio Diary #5: Oh Vienna

#EGU2013 Audio Diary #4: The Ring of Fire

#EGU2013 Audio Diary #3: Satellites, uncertain science and fracking

EGU2013 Audio Diary #2: carbon dioxide, eco-tourism & peanut butter particles

EGU 2013 Audio Diary #1: Curiosity & Mega-city One

National Science and Engineering Week

Mythbusting - Cows lie down when it rains

Going to Extremes

AGU 2012 audio diary #4: final reflections

AGU 2012 audio diary #3: Black Carbon Gavin

AGU 2012 audio diary #2: cows, cars and chemical cocktails

AGU 2012 audio diary #1: 25 years of the Montreal Protocol

Bonus Track for “You say hurricane, I say typhoon” episode

You say hurricane, I say typhoon

The Barometer at Manchester Science Festival 2012

The atmosphere in London 2012 - Part 2 of Clean Air for London

Clean Air for London, please!

ALL TOGETHER NOW - The troposphere’s connected to the…

Measuring greenhouse gases with Dr Stephane Bauguitte

Throwing stones in green houses

Cooking up a storm

Brits Abroad on BEACHON, pt 3

There’s a hole in my ozone, dear Liza

Brits Abroad On BEACHON, pt. 2

The Barometer Live: Weather and climate

Brits Abroad On BEACHON

The Importance of Emissions, with the eminent Alice Bows

Emission Impossible

Discoball Earth

Cooling Earth’s climate: A seedy business?

Let’s twist again

Murky Measurements

Fiddly Forecasts

The bad weather kids

Cold air in a warm air sandwich

Come fly with me

Wave clouds over the UK

Snow Business

Air Pollution Absolution

Monsooner or later

Polar opposites: penguin vs polar bear


The atmosphere at the World Cup

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