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This week we're talking about "Volcanicity" - discussing what volcanoes do to the atmosphere and what was so interesting about the, ahem, Eyjafjallajokull (bless you) volcano that erupted in Iceland last Spring. Do volcanoes affect climate and will this one? Why did it cause such havoc to flights? What do volcanoes have to do with the French Revolution? Also the usual round up of news stories like the publishing of the final (for now) Climate-gate email review, a study published into the "credibility of climate change experts", Hurricane Alex, hosepipe ban in north-west England and how to conserve water more generally. And not in the podcast but for your own delectation cow burpometers and the US and Canadian heatwave.

Featuring: Will Morgan, Niall Robinson, Grant Allan, Andy Russell, Hugo Ricketts (host) Interview: Niall Robinson and Hugo Ricketts Production: Niall Robinson

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