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Joshi, Emma and Simon tackle the atmospheric science questions posed by visitors to this year's University of Manchester Community Festival (recorded 15th June).

0:00-0:25 Welcome

0:25-1:12 How do clouds move?

1:12-2:03 How does it rain?

2:03-2:39 How does water enter the sky?

2:39-3:30 How is snow created?

3:30-5:19 How does lightning form?

5:19-6:39 Why is it cold in the British summer?

6:39-7:25 Why can't the British summer be warm?

7:25-9:03 Why does continental Europe get a nicer summer than England?

9:03-10:56 How bad are diesel cars?

10:56-13:01 Is global warming over-rated?

13:01-14:34 Are we already at runaway climate change?

14:34-17:06 What will the climate be like over the next 10,000 years?

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