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Join Hugo, Richard and Geraint on a tropical island adventure where we discover the importance of ozone near the equator. We discuss how ozone is transported though the atmosphere and ask the question: "How do the towering storm clouds in the tropics affect the composition of the atmosphere?" We travelled halfway across the globe to Papua New Guinea with our weather balloons to gather the data that we needed to find out.

This was recorded in February 2014 during the Co-ordinated Airborne Studies in the Tropics (CAST) campaign.

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Welcome to the first of our audio diaries from the American Geophysical Union Conference in San Francisco. Today Jennifer and Will are reporting on a session discussing how the science and policy relating to the ozone hole developed and the parallels with efforts to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on what caused the hole in the ozone layer, check out our previous episode here.

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HolyAfter an accidentally long winter break, we're back this time with a podcast about the ozone layer, the hole in it, and those pesky CFCs that cause it. Find out how the ozone layer is created and destroyed, the difference between good and bad ozone, and listen to Nicky learn to pronounce "cafetiere". No interview or news this week due to some dodgy recording, but we have just ordered a very posh mixer and mics, so (hopefully) look forward to some better recording quality next time.

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Air Pollution Absolution

This time we talk about air pollution and how it affects human health. Find out what effect Fireworks Night has on the atmosphere, how long you've not been able to burn coal in London (its longer than you think) and why ozone isn't always a good thing. Also, an outside broadcast from Oxford Road in Manchester, Europe's busiest bus route, and an interview with Prof Tom Choularton about how the UK comprehensive spending review will affect Universities.

We received our second ever listener question: "Being as we breathe out carbon dioxide, do we contribute to global warming." Plus a plug for the next NW Royal MetSoc meeting which is about the newly opened Whitworth Observatory --- a new weather station in south Manchester with data available to the public.

Featuring: Hugo Ricketts, Niall Robinson, Grant Allen, Gaving McMeeking, Jennifer Muller

Production: Will Morgan, Niall Robinson, Gavin McMeeking

Interviewee: Prof Tom Choularton

Podcast elf: Andy Gabey

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