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For the final day at AGU, Will and Sam are joined by Mark Brandon (@icey_mark) from the Open University and Bethan Davies (@AntarcticGlacie) from Aberystwyth University, to discuss in detail yesterday’s fabulous session on scientific communication that Bethan co-convened, and that Mark presented in.

Bethan and Mark talk about the importance of getting the media on-board with your research, and also reflect on their AGU experiences, whilst big data also gets an airing and Will gives a shout out to his love of models. 

Farewell AGU 2013!

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Will and Sam are joined by Dave Topping, who is also from the University of Manchester to discuss the day's events at the AGU Fall Meeting. We discuss a session on science communication, a subject close to all our hearts, how aerosols are affected by their viscosity and some work investigating greenhouse gas emissions from London.

View of the River Thames from the FAAM research aircraft. Photo by Will Morgan.

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Will and Sam are in high spirits to discuss Day 3, possibly because they finally got to hear James Hansen speak, potentially because they were feeling slightly sleep-deprived after 10 hours straight, and almost certainly because beer had once more been involved.

The reaction to the James Hansen talk is discussed in full, whilst Will also further cements his love of Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOAs),and Sam reveals how he has still to deal with his lack of comfort around geologists.

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Will and Sam I meet up to discuss Day 2 of AGU, and begin by airing their disappointment at the cancellation of the ‘Frontiers of Geophysics’ lecture by ex-NASA Goddard chief James Hansen (thankfully this has now been rearranged for tomorrow). The dissatisfaction continues following a less-than-impressive defence, in one of the morning’s sessions, of a controversial recent study on the economic cost of a large release of Arctic methane.

Thankfully there are more positive things to be said about the Union Meeting, which this year focused on the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. In this episode Will also gives a rather nifty description of the difference between organic and inorganic aerosols, and there is a debate about the judgement of using the ‘smoking causes lung-cancer’ argument as a parallel for the ‘humans cause climate-change’ dispute.

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Sam and Will are in giddy mood. Is it the jetlag, is it the beer, or is it just the excitement of being at one of the world’s premier conferences on Geophysical sciences?

Join them as they discuss the merits of being in San Francisco for the American Geophysical Union AKA AGU 2013. Will chats about short-lived climate forces and his favourite fires, whilst in an unexpected twist Sam elaborates on some of the satellite talks that he attended, including the proposed launch of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory Mark 2 (OCO-2).

Will in action, talking about his favourite fires.

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In the final Audio Diary from the AGU 2012 fall meeting in San Francisco, Jennifer and Will reflect on the the past week as a whole, and also talk about ecohydrology, bags of aerosols, clones and climate science communication.

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It's the third day at the AGU Fall Meeting and Will Morgan went to the exhibition hall to catch up with former Barometer podcaster Gavin McMeeking who is now working for a company that makes instrumentation that can measure black carbon in the atmosphere. Black carbon?, you ask. Pitch black and all that? Get enlightened & listen to this episode!

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Welcome to the second of our audio diaries from the American Geophysical Union Conference in San Francisco. Today Jennifer and Will are reporting on some of the background behind efforts to improve estimates of harmful pollutants in the atmosphere, with particular emphasis on ammonia. For more information on emissions and air pollution, check out our previous episodes here and here.

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Welcome to the first of our audio diaries from the American Geophysical Union Conference in San Francisco. Today Jennifer and Will are reporting on a session discussing how the science and policy relating to the ozone hole developed and the parallels with efforts to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on what caused the hole in the ozone layer, check out our previous episode here.

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