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This episode is all about the people who keep the FAAMBAe-146 atmospheric research aircraft, her core instruments and scientists in top condition.

In the first part, Sam I chats with Allan Woolley from FAAM (shortfor Facility of Airborne Atmospheric Measurements) who explains the role of the flightmanager during a science flight. Alan also reveals some tips on how to keep thescientists' morale high and what else he does at FAAM when he is not in the air.

In the second part of this episode, Jennifer speaks with theaircraft engineers Dean Warrilow and Stuart Sneddon from Avalon Aero, who maintain,repair & check the aircraft during a detachment like MAMM in the Arctic, orat the base back in Cranfield in the UK.

And according to Dean, sometimes it's not just theinstruments or aircraft itself that is high maintenance, which then... leaves the scientists?

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