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Due to certain weight restrictions on the ARA, Sam was unable to fly today, and so instead joined Dave Lowry and James France from Royal Holloway University of London as they made their way out to make measurements from a nearby wetlands site at Abisko, in the torrential rain.

As James drives in the treacherous conditions, Dave talks to Sam about the importance of these measurements, how chambers are used this process, and why it is absolutely essential that they make them in conditions such as this, which are atypical of Lapland at this time of year. 

Incidentally Sam can confirm that the weight restrictions were due to extra equipment that needed to be carried on the aircraft, and had absolutely nothing to do with the extra portions of oatmeal cakes that he had with breakfast this morning. 

The life of a measurement scientists is never done... James (left) and Dave trudge off into the Swedish wilderness.

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