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The second phase of the MAMM (Methane and other greenhouse gases in the Arctic – measurements, process studies and modelling) aircraft campaign is about to begin, during which The Barometer is aiming to keep you up to date with audio diaries and insights into what it is like to be on location as a research scientist in the Arctic!

In this introductory episode, Jen and Sam give a quick overview of the MAMM project, and what their individual roles are during the upcoming campaign, as well as laying out some of their hopes and aspirations for what promises to be a very exciting expedition!

As well as listening to The Barometer, be sure to read the campaign blog at http://arcticmethane.wordpress.com/, and look out for the #MAMM and #arcticmethane hashtags on Twitter. 

Some of the MAMM team on detachment in July 2012 at the airport in Kiruna, Sweden.

All sounds and music from freesound.org.

Presenting: Jennifer Muller and Sam Illingworth

Production: Sam Illingworth

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