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Back in Manchester, Will chats with Sam and Jennifer who reflect on the recent flying in the Arctic for the MAMM project. Listen to find out whether luck was with them, or whether they made their own luck in August and what the outlook is for the September campaign where they will be flying even further North than the wetlands in the European Arctic.

Arctic wetlands


Find out more about the MAMM campaigns on the project blog: arcticmethane.wordpress.com

Presenting: Will Morgan

Chat: Jennifer Muller & Sam Illingworth

Editing: Jennifer Muller


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Sam I and Jen meet to discuss some of the results of the fourth (and final) day of the MAMM flying campaign in the Arctic. Thanks to some excellent in flight planning and some fortuitous weather, the FAAM Atmospheric Research Aircraft was able to make measurements over the Sodankylä TCCON (Total Carbon Column Observing Network, and not the Total Column Carbon Observing Network as Sam seems to think!) site in Finland, whilst the Sky Arrow team was also able to follow us for some intercomparison work. 

Tomorrow will see the MAMM team fly back to the UK, hopefully making some measurements of the Oil Rigs near Bacton en route to Cranfield. And then in less than a month’s time, it’ll start all over again…

Sam tries to talk the Sky Arrow team into giving him a ride (photo courtesy of Michelle Cain).

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In this episode, Sam I catches up with Professor John Pyle from the University of Cambridge, the PI (Principal Investigator) for the MAMM project, and finds out in a bit more detail about the principal aims of the flying phase of the campaign.

As well as talking about the benefits to a modeller of being there in the air when the actual measurements are made, John also talks about the results of today’s flights, in which elevated methane was detected in a number of different plumes, potentially as a result of long range transport from continental Europe. 

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Sam I catches up with Jen and Grant about the latest results from day 2 of the MAMM flight campaign, with Grant giving added insight into life a as Mission Scientist #1 and the search for the Kelvin Helmholtz instability from the cockpit.

Listen out for a plane at around 03:30, and make sure to keep up to date with the rest of the MAMM mission on our blog at: 


Sam seems chuffed with his special outfit for his debut as Mission Scientist #2; Nicola Warwick isn't so sure!

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MAMM Day 1

Jen and Sam chew the fat over the first official day of the MAMM campaign, during which two flights too place: a transit from the UK (Cranfield airbase) to Kiruna, and the first science flight of the August mission, which involved some low level runs over Northern Finnish wetlands. 

This episode discusses some of the first preliminary measurements that have been made by the FAAM Atmospheric Research Aircraft (ARA) during the MAMM campaign, as well as why it was probably a good job that Sam flew commercial. 

Whilst Grant Allen got the memo for packing light, Sam Illingworth most certainly did not!

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Sam Illingworth is joined by Michelle Cain (@civiltalker), from the University of Cambridge, fresh off a plane at Stockholm airport, en route to Kiruna. 

As well as working as a Mission Scientist during the MAMM campaigns, Michelle is working on quantifying the emissions of methane from Arctic wetlands, and how they can be better modelled. We catch up with her to get her take on the challenges ahead, and what it means to be one of the Ms in MAMM.

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The second phase of the MAMM (Methane and other greenhouse gases in the Arctic – measurements, process studies and modelling) aircraft campaign is about to begin, during which The Barometer is aiming to keep you up to date with audio diaries and insights into what it is like to be on location as a research scientist in the Arctic!

In this introductory episode, Jen and Sam give a quick overview of the MAMM project, and what their individual roles are during the upcoming campaign, as well as laying out some of their hopes and aspirations for what promises to be a very exciting expedition!

As well as listening to The Barometer, be sure to read the campaign blog at http://arcticmethane.wordpress.com/, and look out for the #MAMM and #arcticmethane hashtags on Twitter. 

Some of the MAMM team on detachment in July 2012 at the airport in Kiruna, Sweden.

All sounds and music from freesound.org.

Presenting: Jennifer Muller and Sam Illingworth

Production: Sam Illingworth

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