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sandy_goe_2012302_1745_front.jpgHurricanes have been big news lately after Sandy caused severe destruction and loss of life across the Caribbean and United States of America recently. How do hurricanes (or tropical cyclones) form, what was special about Sandy and was it made worse by climate change? Join the Barometer Podcast team to find out in our latest episode.You can watch the video of Sandy's evolution that Jennifer mentions below:Also you can watch an amazing view of Sandy recorded from the International Space Station below:Header image is taken from NASA's Earth Observatory collection of Sandy images. The actual image is from the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 13 (GOES-13) on the 28th October 2012.Musical interlude courtesy of FreqMan at Freesound.Featuring: Will Morgan, Niall Robinson, Jennifer Muller, Nicky Young, Hugo Ricketts & James Allan.Production: Will Morgan

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