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The Barometer team are appearing at the Manchester Science Festival for the second year in a row. After our successful LIVE episode last year, we've decided to join in the fun activities at the Science Spectacular on the 27th October from 11am-3pm. We'll be based in the Manchester Museum, who kindly hosted our LIVE show last year.Our stand will include:

  • Which household item is the most polluting; talcum powder, a toaster or an air freshener?
  • Can you identify an ice crystal under a microscope? Do you know your dendrites from your columns?
  • How do you forecast the weather with a mug, a balloon and a straw?
  • bigNewLogoTitle_small.gifOn the day you'll be able to see demonstrations of the wonderful world of weather and climate, as well as being able to take part in some of the activities yourself. We'll also have a quiz where you could win some great prizes kindly given to us by the Royal Meteorological Society.Come along next Saturday and see some spectacular science!

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