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Air quality in LondonThe Olympic Games in London 2012 with its many medals for Team GB has got the whole country excited and the athletes seem happy too: crowds are roaring, tracks are fast and the weather has not been too hot, and air quality - so important for that achieving that extra special performance - has been fine so far too.. but London can sometimes be plagued by smog and bad air quality, which can seriously affect people's health. This Barometer episode will be the first part of a two-part series on air pollution measurements that are currently being made in and around London, as part of the Clean Air for London project, which aims to understand the role of meteorology, atmospheric composition (gaseous pollutants) and particulate loading of London’s urban atmosphere. Listen to this episode to find out what "Olympic science" is happening in a noisy and busy netball court in North Kensington..... Find out out more about the project on the ClearfLo Project WebsiteNice article on ClearfLo here

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