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Cooking up a storm

Storms are one of the most dangerous weather events, causing havoc and devastation across large areas but how do they form? Join the Barometer podcast team as we guide you through a tangled web of duelling air masses, rotating spheres and stings in the tail. We also have an interview with Dr Clive Saunders from the University of Manchester, as he tells us about hail, lightning and more. We discuss a "sting-jet" which is where the cloud front curls around like a tail, which we discussed during the podcast. You can see some examples of time series of frontal passages from the Whitworth Observatory in Manchester from the 29th November 2011 (which we discussed on the podcast) and the 3rd January 2012. Below are some videos that explain the "Coriolis force or effect" that we discuss in the episode. As you'll gather from the podcast, it isn't something that is particularly suited to an audio format!Featuring: Will Morgan, Hugo Ricketts, Niall Robinson, Nicky Young, Kimberley Leather & Gary LloydInterviewee: Dr Clive SaundersProduction: Gary Lloyd, Will Morgan & Nicky Young

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