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Here's part two of this months double whammy - if you haven't listened to part one yet, you might want to do that first. This time we are interviewing Dr Alice Bows who works at the University of Manchester Sustainable Consumption Institute. Amongst other things, Alice advises MPs on the environmental implications of policies, providing the link between academic research and the "real world".

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Emission Impossible

DirtyWhat do you think of when you hear about atmospheric ‘emissions’? Typical responses include car exhaust fumes, smoke from fires, and volcanic eruptions. There are also emissions from power station chimneys, cattle, soils, and even plants which emit the essential element for sustaining life: oxygen. There are many more sources of emissions which can directly affect air quality, health, and climate but also indirectly through interactions with other atmospheric compounds.BBUUUUURRRRRRP!!!!!!Join us in this episode where we delve into the world of emissions and begin to unravel the complexity behind their evolution and mitigation. We’ll be discussing their physical definition, sources, and impacts. We’ll also be finding out how, due to sheer numbers, something smaller than a five pence piece has become the second largest natural source of methane after wetlands. The scale and importance of emissions is examined including how emissions from other countries, as well as our own, need to be considered when quantifying emissions and their impacts. Finally, don’t miss out on the interview with our special guest, Alice Bows, in part 2, who reveals the importance and influence of offshore emissions.

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