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Murky Measurements

weatherbaloon.jpgThe is the second episode in our mini-series for Science Week, which is about how to make good measurements of weather. Meteorologists (that's weathermen to you and me) have to try and do this all the time, to start the forecasts and to check they have worked. We give you our top tips for making decent measurements including:

  • Temperature measurements have to measure the shade air temperature --- don’t accidentally heat the sensor up with your hands, breath, the sun, building heating or anything else hot that isn’t shady air.
  • Same goes for humidity measurement --- don’t breath on them or you’ll measure the humidity in your breath.
  • Wind sensors need to be in an open space, not behind a tree, a building, a budding meteorologist (that’s you btw) or anything that will change the wind.

GOLDEN RULE: make sure you are measuring what you are trying to measure, and not accidentally measuring the temperature of your finger or the moisture in your breath or something. Another thing to consider is how wiggly the thing you are measuring is. Forinstance wind data is wiggly because it gusts so its probably good to make a few measurements at a time and take the average.

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