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Come fly with me

Join us as we take to the skies in our first episode of 2011, exploring the aircraft scientists use to study the atmosphere. Dr. Keith Bower regales us with tales of his adventures in the high clouds, looking back at his 12 years of science flying. Will and Jen take us on board the UK research aircraft, the Facility for Atmospheric Airborne Measurements BAe-146, and as always, we cover the recent weather and climate news.Featuring: Grant Allen, Gavin McMeeking, Will Morgan, Jennifer Muller and Niall RobinsonInterviewee: Dr. Keith BowerProduction: Gavin McMeekingMore info:Check out these links for pictures and to learn more about some of the aircraft we discuss in this episode: Dournier 228, C-130 (US), G-V, WB-57, ER-2, Geophysica, NASA Global Hawk, and the NASA Proteus .And here's our very own picture of a US Forest Service Twin Otter used to study smoke from prescribed and wild fires:USFS_TwinOtter.jpg

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